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Vendors passing by the house.

So I sat on the street in front of my house to find out all the day to day items that are brought down the street for sale. Here is the list and type of delivery vehicle: Pork (raw meat hanging in the back of a truck) Bakery items – bicycle 5 gal of water – truck ( two different vendors) (2 jugs $1 each) Plantains – truck (two different vendors) … Chiclets – truck (the largest truck of them all) Pepsi – truck Fish – bicycle (2.5 lbs for $5) Tangerines (LARGE)- truck (10 / $1) Mops / hammocks – foot Squid – motorcycle Vegetables – truck (3 tomatoes, 1 bell pepper, 1lb green beans & 3 onions =$1.90) Who needs to go to the grocery store? I had a blast meeting tons of people and buying what I needed right in front of the house. Then I went to the back yard and ran several miles on the beach. 🙂 A day in the life…


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