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Look what I came home with!

So I was out running on the beach one day and the fishermen where manually pulling in their nets. I helped pull the rope for about 1/2 hour. Boy its tough on your hands, so the fishermen wear a belt that they strap onto the rope and lean back to pull in the line.
For helping them, they gave me a fish. So, in true Ecuadorian fashion, the only way I had to carry the fish home was in my pocket.

Fish in my pocket



Fish in pocket



2 thoughts on “Look what I came home with!

  1. Hello, trying to understand how you got where you are. Did you bring your mom down and then decide to stay also?

    • Hello, thanks for viewing. You pretty much summed up my experience in 1 quick statement. I came here to help get my mother set up to retire here. Before doing this, I sold/gave away/threw away most of my belongings to be free to see what life tossed my way. I think I have decided to make a go at a simpler life here in Ecuador. Please feel free to shoot me more questions. my email address is gilpinfreak@gmail.com if you wanna email me. thanks for looking at my blog, I hope it is entertaining! Caio!

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